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50 canadian dollar note obverse

Canadian 50 dollar note

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Size: 152.4 x 69.85 mm 
Paper type:
Cotton based paper

Obverse                                                      Reverse
50 canadian dollar note obverse 50 canadian dollar note reverse

Canadian Journey 50 dollar note information and design features

+ Portrait: William Lyon Mackenzie King, Prime Minister, 1921–1930 and 1935–1948;
+ Signatures: Left – W.P. Jenkins, Right – D.A. Dodge /Left – W.P. Jenkins, Right – M.J. Carney;
+ Size: 152.4 x 69.85 mm (6.0 x 2.75 inches);
+ Issue Date: 17 November 2004;
+ Theme: Nation Building—Shaping the Political, Legal and Social Structures for Democracy and Equality

Canadian 50 dollar notes from the Canadian Journey (2004) series are still in circulation (withdrawn 26 March 2012). It features, on the front, a portrait of William Lyon Mackenzie King, the coat of arms, and a picture of the Peace Tower of the Parliament buildings. Security features  include a hologram strip along the left side, depicting the number 50 alternated with maple leaves; a watermark of King's portrait; and a broken-up number 50, which resolves itself when backlit. The reverse side depicts themes in Canadian human rights history, such as the Famous Five celebrating the Persons case, and a volunteer medal commemorating Therese Casgrain; it also has a quotation from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The reverse also has a visible security feature: an interleaved metallic strip, reading '50 CAN' repeatedly along its length.

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