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Five pound sterling note(Series E)

50 pound sterling Series E note

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Size: 135 x 70mm
Main color: Green
Date of issue: 21 May 2002
Date ceased to be legal tender: 5 May 2017

5 Pound Series E note obverse 5 Pound note reverse

The Series E banknote, the 5 pound note, entered circulation on 21 May 2002. It features a portrait of Elizabeth Fry, who made her name fighting for improved living conditions for women in European jails. The banknote was withdrawn from circulation after 5 May 2017. For information about how to exchange withdrawn notes check Bank of England Exchanging old banknotes page.

Security Features

Security features can help you to tell if a £5 Series E note is fake or real.

5 pound specimen obverse 5 pound specimen reverse

(1)Check he paper and raised print

5 Pound Series E raised print

Banknotes are printed on special paper that gives them their unique feel. By running your finger across the front of the 5 pound note you can feel raised print in areas such as the words ‘Bank of England’.

(2)Check the metallic thread

5 Pound E series metallic thread

There is a metallic thread embedded in every banknote. This appears as silver dashes on the back of the Series E 5 pounds note. If you hold note up to the light the metallic thread will appear as a continuous dark line.

(3)Check the watermark.

5 pound note watermark.

Hold the banknote up to the light and you will see the image of the Queen’s portrait.

(4)Check the print quality.

5 Pound Sterling note print quality

The printed lines and colors on the £5 note are sharp, clear and free from smudges or blurred edges.

(5)Check microlettering

£5 note E series microlettering

Using a magnifying glass, look closely at the lettering beneath the Queen’s portrait on the £5- you will see the value of the note written in small letters and numbers.

(6)Check the ultra-violet feature

five Pound note ultra-violet feature

If you look at the front of the note under a good quality ultra-violet light, the number 5 appears in bright red and green whilst the background remains dull in contrast.

(7)Check the hologram

£5 note E series hologram

There is a hologram on the foil patch on the front of the five pound note. If you tilt the note, the image will change between a brightly colored picture of Britannia and the number 5.