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Fifty Pound Sterling polymer note

50 pound sterling polymer note

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Size: 146 x 77mm
Main color: Red
Date of issue: 23 June 2021

50 Pound sterling polymer note obverse 50 Pound sterling polymer note reverse

The new polymer £50 banknote, featuring Photo of mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing by Elliott & Fry entered circulation on 23 June 2021. The design includes an image of Turing's Automatic Computing Engine. The quote "This is only a foretaste of what is to come and only the shadow of what is going to be" is a quote from Alan Turing, given in an interview to The Times newspaper on 11 June 1949. Turing is the first LGBT person to feature on a Bank of England banknote.

Security Features

Security features can help you to tell if a polymer £50 note is fake or real.

new 50 pound polymer specimen obverse new 50 pound polymer specimen reverse

(1) Hologram image

twenty pound Hologram image

Tilt the note from side to side. Check the words change between 'Fifty' and 'Pounds'.

(2) See-through windows

50 Pound Sterling polymer See-through windows

Look at the metallic image over the main window. Check the foil is blue and gold on the front of the note and silver on the back.
Look at the second, smaller window in the bottom corner of the £50 note.

(3) The Queen's portrait in the see-through window

50 pounds banknote polymer Queen's portrait

A portrait of the Queen is printed on the window with '£50 Bank of England’ printed twice around the edge.

(4)Silver foil patch

50 Pound note Silver foil

A silver foil patch contains a 3D image of the coronation crown. You will find this above the main see-through window on the front of the note.

(5) Red foil patch

50 Pound polymer Red foil patch

A metallic, red foil patch contains the letters 'AT'. You will find this on the back of the note, directly behind the silver crown on the front of the note.

(6)Feel of polymer and raised print

£50 polymer note raised print

The note is printed on polymer- a thin and flexible plastic material. On the obverse of the note, you can feel raised print. For example, on the words ‘Bank of England’ and in the bottom right corner, over the smaller window.

(7) Print quality

50 Pound polymer Print quality

The printed lines and colors on the note are sharp, clear and free from smudges or blurred edges. If you use a magnifying glass, you will see the value of the note written in small letters and numbers below the Queen's portrait.

(8) Ultra-violet element

50 Pound Sterling polymer note UV light

Under a UV light, the number '50' appears in bright red and green on the obverse of the banknote, while the background remains dull in contrast.

(9) Tactile feature

50 Pound polymer Raised dots

There is a tactile feature to assist vision-impaired people.