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5 euro new front

5 Euro new Europa series Banknote

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Size: 120 x 62 mm
Colour: Grey
Architectural style: Classical

The banknote paper consists of pure cotton, which feels crisp and firm (not limp or waxy).

5 euro new front

5 euro new reverse

On 10 January 2013 Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, unveiled the new 5 Euro banknote at the Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt am Main. The 5 Euro banknote is the first banknote in the Europa series introduced and issued on 2 May 2013 across the euro area.

Security features:


Specimen new 5 euro note

+ Feel the banknote

Raised print (pos.4 of the specimen)

On the front, there is a series of short raised lines on the left and right edges. The main image, the lettering and the large value numeral also feel thicker.

raised print new 5 euro

+ Hold the banknote against the light and see:

Portrait watermark (pos.1 of the specimen)

A faint image becomes visible and shows a portrait of Europa, the value of the banknote and a window.

watermark new 5 euro note

Security thread(pos.5)

The security thread appears as a dark stripe. The ˆ symbol and the value of the banknote can be seen in tiny white lettering in that stripe.

security thread 5 euro note

+ Tilt the banknote:

Portrait hologram (pos.2 of the specimen)

The silvery stripe reveals a portrait of Europa – the same one as in the watermark. The stripe also shows a window and the value of the banknote.

Portrait hologram new 5 euro note Portrait hologram new 5 euro note(2) Portrait hologram new 5 euro note(3)

Emerald number(pos.3)

The shiny number displays an effect of the light that moves up and down. The number also changes colour from emerald green to deep blue.

5 new euro Emerald number 5 new euro Emerald number(2) 5 new euro Emerald number(3)

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Source: European Central Bank

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