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20 Swiss franc note

20 Swiss franc note obverse

+Swiss_franc- General information

Size: 137 x 74 mm 
Basic colour: red
Date of issue: 1 October 1996

20 Swiss franc note obverse 20 Swiss franc note specimen reverse

+Design elements of 20 Swiss franc note:

Obverse                         Reverse
20chf-specimen_obverse 20chf-specimen_reverse

+ Obverse

The portrait of the front side of 20 Swiss franc note showsArthur Honegger, one of this setury's greatest composers. The broad-ranging work of Swiss composer includes two operas, five symphonies, several orchestral, various dramatic oratorios and a large body of chamber music.

[1] Microtext

20 Swiss franc note microtext front

+ Reverse

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[A] The orchestral works
[B] "Pacific 231", a locomotive music
[C] The score
[D] The work instrument
[1] Microtext (back side of the note)

20 Swiss franc note microprint back

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