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1000 Swiss franc note

1000 Swiss franc note obverse

+Swiss_franc- General information

Size: 181 x 74 mm 
Basic colour: violet
Date of issue: 1 April 1998

1000 Swiss franc note obverse 1000 Swiss franc note reverse

+Design elements of 1000 Swiss franc note:

Obverse                        Reverse
1000 Swiss franc note specimen obverse 1000 Swiss franc note specimen reverse

+ Obverse

The portrait of the front side of 1000 Swiss franc note shows Jacob Burckhardt (1818- 1897). He is best known for his scientifically sound and aesthetically appreciative studies of the Italian Renaissance. But Burckhardt was also a persistent and far-sighted critic of the state's aspiration for power. Today Burckhardt is admired as a brilliant historian, seminal art historian and prophetic critic of his age. His writings in historiography are literary accomplishments as well as pioneering works that helped to establish art history as a modern academic discipline.

[1] Microtext

1000 Swiss franc note microtext front

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+ Reverse

[A] Antiquity
[B] Ancient architecture
[C] The Renaissance
[D] The view of history
[1] Microtext(back side)

1000 Swiss franc note microtext back

For detailed overview the security features of Swiss franc turn to 50 Swiss franc note and 100 Swiss franc note

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